PTE Dictation August 2019 | PTE Listening 2019 | PTE Academic 79+ Dictation Listening With answers

PTE Dictation Listening August 2019

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Dictation Answers:

Write from Dictation

1) The commissioner will allocate the share of funds among the sovereignties.
2) Marine environment has been destroyed by pollution and unsustainable development.

3) The department is organizing a flight to London in July.

4) The aerial photographs were promptly registered for thorough evaluation.
5) Students were required to submit their assignments before the due date on Friday.
6) A number of students have some volunteer jobs.

7) The article reflects a number of very interesting experiments.

8) Critical thinking is one part of a broad education.

9) Babies can distinguish between what is language and what is not.

10) Audition of the university choir will be on hold on the next week.

11) There is a new chemistry test next week.

12) The English degree relates certain placements in thirty years.

13) Many university lectures can now be viewed on the internet.

14) The library will stay open until midnight this week.

15) Relying on natural abilities will not follow in natural science.

16) Farms need to adapt to the changes of climate.

17) New media journalism is an interesting area for study.

18) Currently, the growth of the economy is unpredictable.

19) Undergraduates may pursue specific stages within the programs.

20) Professors with higher education standard trained them seriously.

21) The university provides excellent facilities for the students and staff.

22) The ship wrecked the year of artifacts what interested by historians.

23) Two sides have disagreed on how to solve the problem.

24) Psychologists say what we have experienced influences our behaviors.

25) A good structure shows the key points of a paper.

26) Please return the reference book to the correct position on the shelf.

27) It takes a long time to walk to University.

28) Calculators allow us to add numbers that we all made mistakes.

29) Photography can be very useful to geography research.

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