World history suggests that violence and conflict were more evident under male leadership than under female leadership. So, for peace to prevail, female leadership can be considered as a better option than male leadership. To what extent do you agree or disagree

Global experiences depict that brutality and clashes were more common under the male command rather than the female authority. So it obvious that female administration is more docile and helps in maintaining harmony. In my opinion, the gender of the leadership does not matter as most of the conflicts arise due to greed, racism and ego.

The greed to conquer more land had motivated Alexander, Genghis Khan and Queen Isabella and many more to engage in battles and induce bloodshed. The gender of the ruler was never a deterrent, to accomplish what was desired. History has witnessed many women leaders apart from the male counterparts who have engaged in aggressive combats. In the recent times Margaret Thatcher and Indira Gandhi  are remembered for their bold stands.

In general people’s opinions are shaped according to the society. Both men and women constitute the integral part of the community. Women are no better than men when they gain power, because they come from the same society and have similar prejudices. History has seen a large section of the society was dominated and faced hatred on the basis of skin color, religion, creed and caste. Major conflicts and violence inflicted on the common man have occurred due to racism. For example, during the British era the decisions made by the king or the queen were similar when they were colonizing the world.

Another factor which has affected the peace and harmony of the world is the ego of the leaders. Benito Mussolini, Napoleon Bonaparte and Cleopatra were few monarchs who were highly egoist and people had to suffer because of their personal psyche.

Lastly, mentioning a famous quote “power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”, it can be inferred that both men and women are identical when infested with power.

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