PTE Repeat Sentence new playlist practice With answers. PTE Repeat Sentence new playlist practice can listen the below playlist of Pte repeat sentence for practice with answers. by doing practice again and again you can  score high in pte repeat sentence .


repeat sentence with answers
repeat sentence with answers

Repeat Sentence 7 With transcripts answers.

1) A party is thrown in a small meeting room.
2) That person’s education level is closely related to their economic background.
3) A recent article shows a number of interesting experiments.
4) Economic problems cause a rise of unemployment.
5) Affordable housing is an important issue for all members of society.
6) Agenda items should be submitted by the end of the day.
7) All of your assignment should be due by tomorrow.
8) All staff must leave from the emergency fire exit.
9) All writers consciously or unconsciously, represent their own culture.
10) Americans have progressively found the growth in quantitative terms.
11) An Ariel photograph was promptly registered for federal evaluation.
12) An ancient text may hold secrets, which were lost centuries ago.
13) An artist who supports politicians will receive critics.
14) And in that regard, as well as other regards, it stands as an important contribution.
15) Article numbers are collected through interesting experiments.
16) Artists, other than politicians played their roles of cultural critiques.
17) Assignment will be submitted to the department before deadline.
18) Attracting skilled workers to the city with expensive housing is hard.
19) Avoid confusing the causes and effects of those changes.
20) Before completing the exercise, you need to read the remaining chapters.
21) Books for children often contain many bags of illustration.
22) Catch the camera to see the fish.
23) Career opportunities in this field are quite limited.
24) Celebrity is still a great source of controversy.
25) Climate change is becoming acceptable among the group of scientists.
26) Companies want to protect their plans from negative comments.
27) Competition for the places in course is fierce.
28) Conferences are always scheduled two weeks in advance.
29) Consumer confidence has a direct impact on sales.
30) Control systems in manufacturing requires a high level of accuracy.

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