PTE Speaking Repeat Sentence January 2021, Here, we present the Post for PTE Repeat Sentence, January Edition 2021.

New Audioplaylist of Repeat Sentence 2021.
1) I used to have a cup of coffee with milk and one sugar.
2) A preliminary bibliography is due the week before the spring break.
3) A thorough bibliography is needed at the end of every assignment.
4) All undergraduate students should participate in the seminar.
5) All postgraduate students should participate in the seminar.
6) Anatomy is the observation of internal and external body structures.
7) Anatomy is the study of internal and external body structures.
8) Applicants for the course preferably have a preference on English and journalism.
9) Applicants for the course probably have a preference over English or journalism .
10) Don’t forget to hand in your assignments by the end of next week.
11) Even with the permit, finding a parking spot on campus is almost impossible.
12) Exam results will be available next week from the course office.
13) He is almost never in his office.
14) I could not save my work as my computer crashed.
15) I missed yesterday’s lecture. Can I borrow your notes?
16) I will be in my office every day from ten to twelve.
17) I will be in my office every Tuesday and Thursday.
18) If she does speak the language, she is not going to sit around for a translator
19) If she doesn’t speak the language, she’s not going to sit around a week waiting for a translator.
20) In English, the first letter of the months of the year is always capitalized.
21) In Europe, the political pressure is similar regarding globalization.
22) In this library, reserve collection books can be borrowed for up to three hours.
23) Information is being given to readers in a format that looks familiar.
24) Interpreters are not readily available in this department.
25) Just wait a minute. I will be with you shortly.

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