Results of Target9band Students for IELTS and PTE Test. As you can check the results of students who have taken PTE Coaching and IELTS Coaching from Target9band.

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Heartiest Congratulation to SHUBHAM for scoring 8 bands in IELTS “IN FIRST ATTEMPT”  October 2020..

ielts 8 bands student of target9band institute


Congratulations Dr. Rajwinder Kaur for clearing your IELTS on 10th October 2020. Student of target9band IELTS Institute in ambala 

IELTS-Result-6.5 bands

Congratulations to our Student of target9band .Call now forIELTS Training

IELTS-Result-7-bands target9band ielts coaching

Congratulations Suhani jain for clearing your IELTS on 10th October 2020. Student of target9band IELTS Coaching in ambala 

. Excellent 9 band in IELTS listening test.

8 bands ielts coaching in ambala

Congratulations for Scoring 9 Band In PTE Test . Student of Target 9 band.


Target 9 band, PTE 9 band

2.Congratulations and all the best to Target 9 student For scored 66 in Pte Exam Test.

Target 9 Student, Pte Score 66

3. Student of Target 9 Band, Who scored 72 in 2016. Now he is in Australia.

Target 9 band Student scored 72 in PTE TEst .

4. Ashmeet Singh Student of Target9 band Scored 72 in PTE 2016 Test

Target9student scored 72 in pte test


5. Sudharshan Singh Student of Target9 band Scored 74 in PTE 2019 Test


6. Himanshu Garg Student of Target9 band Scored 68 in PTE 2019 Test


7. Mehak Sharma student of Target9band IELTS department scored 8777 in her second attempt for immigration purposes. Congratulations to her. 

8. Good score by our One of the candidates who appeared for IELTS Study Visa in January 2020.Scored Overall 8 bands.





IELTS result Academic 2020


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